Asset management in Brisbane for commercial, retail and industrial properties with a $350 million portfolio. Industry-leading results and award-winning financial management.

Accurate accounting, attention to detail with lease documentation and adding value to your assets.

Here’s The Problem

  • You are consistently finding errors in your financial statements

  • You have to constantly contact your manager/s for explanation

  • The market is becoming uncertain, complicated & legally onorous.

  • Most asset managers don’t keep tenants financially accountable.

  • Poorly managed arrears can cause serious cash flow issues.

  • You are often worried about unhappy tenants and prolonged vacancies.

  • Staying on top of government legislation & compliance is challenging.

What's The Real Cost

If your asset isn’t managed correctly by an experienced industrial, retail and commercial property manager it can result in not only minimal rental growth, depreciating asset values and loss of income but also risk of liability. In an ever-increasing  litigious environment, the relationship you have with your property manager ultimately is about trust and competence. You may also experience unhappy or short term tenants, escalating maintenance issues and increased vacancies. This is the last thing you want to worry about when you’re trying to build a successful investment portfolio and is why careful consideration is required.

What If Instead...

  • Your investment had consistent, compounding returns every year.

  • You had zero to minimal vacancy rates and high tenant retention.

  • Your team identified and discussed issues before they become a problem.

  • Maintenance was budgeted into monthly outgoings and actioned fast

  • You had net leases so tenants cover expenses and protect your face rental.

  • Documentation and compliance was consistently reviewed and managed

  • Your manager had a relationship with tenants and ensured accountability.

This is the solution you’ve been looking for.

We offer full service asset management that protects your legal position as the landlord, while creating greater financial returns and freedom and therefore keeping you ahead of issues. You need a team with significant industrial, retail and commercial property experience who over the past 30 years has been through market cycles and financial downturns. It is important for your property manager to have the experience to predict the issues before they become a problem, allowing great decisions. By being mindful of a tenant’s needs, we ensure they remain content and continue leasing your building therefore reducing vacancy risk. We have many long term clients who have been with Chase for over 15 years who own buildings and have enjoyed consistent income and improved property values. With innovative cloud-based property management technol- ogy, in house legal advice, 24-hour support and CRM database of 60,000+ contacts, our dedication to our clients is award winning with several REIQ achievements. We’d love to show you why.

Asset Management Division

Our Process

First of all, undertake a physical inspection of the property and produce a detailed report
with strengths and weaknesses
of the asset.

Onboard the client, discuss budgets, set expectations and demonstrate how we increase value, rent, appearance and  letability of the asset.

Talk to specialised subcontractors to produce a detailed investment breakdown in our property management software so there are no unexpected costs.

Set monthly cap-ex budgets and determine tenant and landlord responsibilities relevant to the lease documentation.

Implement the make-good, set and adjust rentals at market, and discuss the promotion plan with our leasing team to identify strong-trading, secure tenants.

If vacant, draft leasing documentation, implement marketing plan and discuss target tenant profile and incentives.

Undertake inspections, negotiate written offers from tenants, request deposits and finalise lease documentation.

Coordinate any required fitouts, finalize hand over of the tenancy and regularly maintaining healthy, long-term relationships.

Our Services

Reviewing disclosure documents, ensuring the correct setup is undertaken, rent review is undertaken, rent review percentages, review clauses, outgoings and expenses

In-house trust accounting and facilities management (e.g. maintenance of escalators, lifts, HVAC, security, fire, asbestos, building safety and compliance).

Conducting half-yearly property inspection reports, and providing monthly financial statements to client and accountant.

Cloud-based sync from Westpac trust account, Xero and management software, in one seamless system.

Strict rental arrears policy and outgoings management including rental reminders sent via text and email.

Undertake inspections, negotiate written offers from tenants, request deposits and finalise lease documentation.

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